Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Dubai Turning into World Leading Education Hub

Dubai is not just a city of skyscrapers or a place to spend your holidays. Now it’s a city for student too who want to study abroad and this can be their new favourite hub for higher education and explore much more. From last decade in Dubai has greatly increased Universities and now it has more than 50 to choose from. Offering students choices of subjects and courses from UK, USA, Australia, France and many others. Graduating students also have a great choice of careers in Dubai. There are great opportunities for employment in this developing region.

After you have decided which  university and which subject to pursue you are going to complete your study; next point to think on where to live and you will manage other issue to related your study like travelling how far is your university   a better locality to live and other facilities according your needs. There are many ways of finding apartments for rent in Dubai.  First you need to focus what would be more important for you; travelling, locality, your budget, places to socialize or it could be facilities and local amenities.

As first option; it is easy and convenient for many students to live in university provided accommodation. many university like American University in Dubai (AUD),  University of Wollongong in Dubai (UOWD), Bits Pilani Dubai and the Etisalat Academy, Heriot-Watt, Canadian University in Dubai (CUD),  offers accommodation but you need to check their facilities and location which could be different from other university offers ,so better check first carefully.

Universities also pick some bulk apartments to relate student on sharing terms in private residential areas. Usually universities handle administration, supervision and logistics requirements but it can be add extra cost to student if compared to the market. However, mostly it becomes difficult for students to search for their certain requirements.

If we go for another option to live is to look for accommodation near university. Normally it isn’t all that easy to occupy to bear expenses all alone for a student , you need to find a another student with whom you can share your space and its very important to make sure your rented property owner knows that you are living in sharing.  The renting process becomes more difficult as not many people are interested to give property to tenants who will share an apartment. Dubai not legally encouraging the idea of students sharing accommodation.

But if you have family in Dubai; there is nothing better option can be for a student. All the requirements home comfort, food, care and all the necessities you can have. Getting to university can be easy, as the metro and bus routes in Dubai are good. However there are some areas that do not have a nearby stop so it is a good idea to check before you move in with your family. If you don’t drive then it would be better to consider moving somewhere near to university and cut the travel time to reach for more study and get yourself involved with extra-curricular activities like sports, charitable activities and drama, which all look amazing on your CV.

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