Friday, 26 February 2016

Rent Out Property? Things To Know

It’s not a small question when it’s come to choose where to find property for rent because you will have to look on some other factor which fits in your taste and other needs. It’s not always about the money. Let’s start with the first and important factor traffic around your desirable area. City like Dubai roads are always full of traffic. Every area has some peak time and if you are working and your kids go to school you will have to look on this problem; but usually 7 am to 9 am in the morning and 5 pm to 7 pm are the rush hour. Many roads improvement and project are under planned to maintain traffic flow.

After finding your ideal place to live in according to your requirement next important fact is to look on your paying procedure. In the past accommodation payment you had to pay in advance for a year in one cheque but due to recent economic crisis now banks are not giving money to people who are not willing to put such a big amount on a credit cards. But for the landlords it’s become easy to rent out their property because you can pay your amount 2, 3,4,5,6 cheques or in some cases 12 cheques whichever suits your budget but you may have to pay little extra rent.

Now what to choose villa or flat? most of the people dream about to live in big and luxurious villa with a nice garden and personal swimming pool and can feel like living in a home and get some privacy, separated from city crowd but being practical sometimes your finance will not allow you because villa means big area and you have to maintain it with extra money including electricity and water bills, maintenance charges and expensive furniture and has to hire maid to keep it clean. Another down side is sometime you can feel isolated.

If we choose to live in a flat, its economical easier and cheaper to furnish. And lots of tower and apartments blocks with shared pool and gym and sometimes shops too. Plus you have 24 hours security and you don't feel isolated and lower bill. Flats also has some issue too like you can bother by such close proximity to other people. Only get one paid parking space, less indoor space and of course no garden but most of the flats has balcony. You can’t buy any heavy and big shopping items.

Everyone has their own preference so they can choose where to stay as you know you are not going to have this property forever as you are just renting out not buying it. It makes good sense to compare all the option whatever fits your lifestyle and your budget.

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