Monday, 11 July 2016

Layer view: Enabling Your Search For Home Quicker And Better

In real estate, it’s a challenge to view the apartment as one’s own home when it is still to complete. It is also tough to project an on paper layout on a 2-D screen image. We at Own A Space strive to provide users with smooth and consistent buying experience- a one which enables the buyer to actually see and not imagine their home to be. For this, Layer view assisted us.

Using it, we were able to realize the shortcomings for the real estate industry.  Along with offering our buyers to take a virtual look through the houses and projects and providing them the 3D version of each apartment on every floor, facilities like online booking of homes with Layer view allowing access to every minute details of floor plan, various payment methods, facilities with the apartment, possession process, etc.

The buyer can use and check out the 3D plan of any project he/she wants, then can pick on any building and view it differently from clicking on its various sections. They can linger over the floor of their choice and can see for the available options in apartment. 3D floor is unveiled once the flat is selected and in order to upgrade the user experience, the built up area, payment modes, possession dates and prices of the respective apartment is told to the buyer.

Furthermore, buyers can inspect the viewing position and orientation of floor. They can book their choice of flat online itself. Layer view is the result of the efforts put in by design, technology, studio and production team. It’s a virtual reality experience for those who are looking to buy flats on an under construction project.

Own A Space has always worked for enabling search for home quicker and better. With the help of great ideas, design and technology innovations, we have made continuous efforts in making this platform less tiresome than they used to be.

Layer view is easy to navigate and intuitive. Following are some kinds of up gradation that has been made in it:-

Narrowed Search and Assessment
The search of the buyers can get filtered and narrowed by types in the search box and they will find their desired type of flat. Feedbacks related to live tools assessment also help them. As they go on searching, it starts serving them. 

Floor View
Buyers can view different floors from a same section and can also jump to various floors without going back to again change the floor number. Here they will know the availability of flats and information about sold out flats. The navigation is easy. 

This will take the users back to the first page of project view without having to press the back button.

Virtual 360 degree view
3D view of the floor plan and size of the apartment can be experienced through 360 degree view. Buyers can linger over a flat an on boarding process will help them getting acquainted faster with product without getting stuck anywhere.

Help Button
Each screen involved a need help button for the user to get friendly experience in case they get stuck anywhere, our customer support will reach out to them and solve the problem. Also similar flat can be found for the flats sold out by the support team. 

Layer view is quick and it facilitates better browsing on slow web connection. With our reduced image optimization which reduces the size of an image without compressing its quality, we make sure that every user gets easy access over Layer view. Users are facilitated with viewing a property with Layer view and booking it online while sitting on their couch.

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