Tuesday, 12 July 2016

No Oversupply of Housing Units: Dubai Population Growing 7% a Year

In addition to Dubai’s population growth of 7 percent a year gives a translation of 75,000 new properties entering the market each year. It’s sure that Dubai’s property market is not facing any issues of oversupply in listed properties and finding right price for buyers.

As we already beginning to see demand outstrip supply as the availability of listed properties for sale continues to decrease an oversupply of property and too many developments in the pipeline are patently false,

Many developers have either delayed the launch of new projects or slowed down the construction this year. Property prices are set to increase with demand for property continuing at peak levels and continued low supply,

Under current market conditions, properties listed at an “achievable” price are getting multiple offers from buyers. Showing the real strength of the market and the combined effect of high demand and keeping tight supply, we’re starting to see, increase in prices.

Oversupply will be the first thing to show the market in trouble but the fact is precisely the opposite scenario– Real-Estate is actually struggling to find units for the demand. Multiple listing of units online on property websites is one of the reasons of oversupply.

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