Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Small Business Opportunity in Dubai

Dubai and Qatar are two countries; people are very much interested to start a new business because of the appreciative economy and job chances there. Dubai is again becoming rich sources for businessmen. Whatever you start, you will get good outcome. If you are really determined to do so.
  1. Trading
 In Dubai; Traders from around the word usually meet to exchange goods and services. People’s major source of income is from trading. You can actually export or import wide range of profitable products such as dried fruits, textiles, fashion materials and accessories, plastic goods and automobile.
  1. Business Franchises
It’s a new concept in Dubai. Due to big expat communities. This theory is working really well for some time. You can get a business franchise in the fast food production as this is one of the fastest increasing industries in Dubai.
  1. Travel Company
 The major tourist destinations in the world is Dubai, a travel company is a profitable business to start.  Annually in Dubai there are Millions of tourists visit here. The total population of the place is also jammed packed with expats from many countries.
  1. Jewellery Making and Selling
To the World, Dubai is as the “Mecca of Gold” and “Dubai jewel” is always sought for. You can arrange shop as jewellery maker or bead maker or jewellery merchant.
  1. Specialty Schools
As we know Dubai is full of various nationalities, specialty schools are desired. You can run multiple kinds of coarse specialty schools in the country and can earn good profit in your business. This is a business opportunity that you can contemplate.
  1. Child-care Facilities
Most of the people in Dubai are working class professionals. When both husband and wife are working, they commonly prefer a childcare facility to take care for their babies. You may prefer this one, too.
  1. Real Estate
This country was once a desert but not anymore. But now real estate is one of the growing industries in the country. Manufacture firms often race for projects in many division including housing, industrial, and logistics among other development project division. 
  1. Bars and Night Clubs
This country is full of busy people and what they want to do when weekends; is just to have some fun and nice time with friends. They spend some time together to have a drink or some chilling time in clubs; two to get rid of the tension from the daily chore. You can arrange a night life entertainment scene especially for emigrant.
  1. Job Agencies
Another business chances in this country are job agencies specifically for skilled worker. With a fast increasing economy, a lot of experienced employees are required to keep industries in many sectors going. Dubai is in need of accountants, IT experts, nurses, engineers and construction crew among many others.
  1. Multi-Level Marketing
There are hard laws against pyramid design in Dubai. But once you achieve the government noun authorization on your business, the opportunity is endless.
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