Saturday, 16 July 2016

Top Technologies Changing the Real Estate Future of Dubai

The terms such as ‘drones’ and ‘virtual reality’ were only the part of the future. Now it has been proofed to be true in today’s world. The recent technology of 3D printing, drones and virtual reality are becoming part of day to day life. These technologies have opened the door of new innovation, endless possibilities and applications. These new technologies are becoming the driving force for the real estate sector.

  1.  3-D PRINTING
In the recent times the 3D printing was used in the medical sector, building architectural models and simple plastic shapes. Dubai brilliant minds are planning to move one step ahead in 3D printing innovation, planning to 3D print an entire office along with things inside it.

Drones utilization has been put to vary from gaming to security. The key reason for its acceptance in public is the interest and involvement of big players. Real estate companies from cities like Dubai are using it in capturing HD images of skyscrapers, without the involvement of a team. There are also plans to develop a government drone service to have a better collaboration across public.

Real Estate companies are incorporating virtual reality for increasing the customer experience. Dubai resorts are using virtual reality technology to improve the guest experience and market itself. The virtual experience is richer and more real.
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