Friday, 15 July 2016

A Heart Shaped Island – Perfect Place for Lovers

Another impressive project is ready to add a star in Dubai image of landmark. A heart-shaped island is currently in plan and will open to customers and buyers next year. It has re-planned one of the 6 islands it is evolving at The World to shape as the focal point of “The Heart of Europe,” a massive project that promises to bring snow and rain to Dubai.

Called as a pleasant vacation retreat, St. Petersburg Island takes originality from the Maldives and will feature moving “seahorse” villas, white beaches, lagoons,a vast infinity pool and flourishing gardens.
Kleindienst an Austrian company is the same developer that recently planned The Floating Seahorse, which has rooms engulfed underwater and a rooftop deck. The first 2 phases of the project, including of 51 villas, went on sale early this year and were sold out in just 8 months.
The developer is planning 40 more villas to take high investor demand, and this time the constructions will be on the St Petersburg Island itself. This planned resort was originally constructed to host just The Tzar Hotel, an arrival marina and beach front homes.
This redesigned heart shape island resort will be functional on 1st Oct 2016, but with the original idea, this would not have been come in action until 2017. The 3rd phase will be The Tzar edition – there will be 90 sections in total.
The Heart of Europe project, which smears a collection of 6 islands, is the 1st of its kind in Dubai and also promises to construct streets named rain and snow-lined , personal and public beaches, world’s biggest open aquarium, outdoor weather controlled streets and a 5 star luxury family hotel; are some features of project. The St. Petersburg Island will be linked to the main Europe Island, while the hotel will present 109 rooms, a beach club, an endless pool, a cafe and restaurant.
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