Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Design Days Dubai – Get Impressed by Designs

Design Days Dubai is the only valuable design fair of Middle East and south Asia. This event is coming back with its 5th edition in Downtown Dubai. It will be an exciting event for all the new talents and skilled exhibitors. It promises to bring modern and unique design pieces from around the world’s famous and arising galleries as well as design talent from the different region too. Another programme for visitors as workshops, talks, guide tour and special projects allow visitors and collectors to know more about art design.

Picture Courtesy: www.dubai-online.com

Sponsors for this fair since 2012 are continuing to give their generous support with politic partnership of Dubai culture and arts authority. Exhibitors from 19 countries will join this fair. Design Days Dubai aiming to brings world leading design galleries together. The main feature is to keep the variety of the design creation. It’s a first-time opportunity for young emerging galleries to exhibit at an international level. An admirer of design can meet designer from all over the world and acquire valuable design which can be seen only here.

Picture Courtesy: www.bsbgulf.com

Many famous galleries like carpenter workshop gallery from USA/France/UK, Art factum from Lebanon, Victor hunt design art dealers from Belgium with some first timers from France, Italy, Spain and Netherlands will be showcasing their unique and admirable design in the fair. By supporting art and cultural event Dubai gradually becomes global meeting point. It’s a five days fest from 16 to 20 March 2016 at Mohammed bin Rashid Boulevard, Downtown Dubai.
Picture courtesy: www.herskhazeen.com

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