Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Media Freedom in Dubai

The U.A.E is not at its best when it comes to press freedom. This bleak identify of the press freedom in the UAE is attested to by the irritated local writers and is confirmed by the latest  report which ranks the UAE 137 out of 196 states worldwide.

This country has not a very bright ranking for prides itself of being the first and the best in socio-economic status. The economic freedom ranking of the UAE is splendid. The UAE ranks 24 worldwide. The country’s social liberty standing is just as redoubtable. There is sufficient of social freedom around. Communication and technology scores are magnificent. But the nagging question is why UAE is not at its best when it comes to freedom of the press.

Who is responsible for this unfavourable state of press freedom in the UAE: who is the responsible for this, is it the government, the society, the media formation or the journalists.

Press freedom translates into more societal restrictions on government authorities.. It has done everything possible to lightly court the media, keep it happy but under its tight kindly lookout. The government has made sure that the media does not evolve an independent mind of its own. A media that lacks freedom is a great loss to good governance and the building of a flourishing society. The UAE society has always acted conventionally and modestly. As continuous as it looks to strangers, the UAE society is very careful with regards to demand for democracy, clarity, political reform and press freedom.

Journalists and writers are the ones who are most influenced by the defined press independence in the UAE. This small social group of citizens is good at complaining but poor at acting. Very few have the boldness to go public with their demanding opinion.

Without boldness freedom is merely a sound bite. Independence is not God given and it particularly doesn’t come via Washington either. The formula has always been: no courage, no freedom.

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