Wednesday, 13 July 2016

How Much You Know About Dubai Weather Condition?

Because of its location within the Northern arid belt, Dubai has a sweltering desert temperature Summers are excessively hot and humid, its high around 41 °C and in night lows around 30 °C .The topmost recorded heat is 52.1 °C. Most days are bright throughout the year. Winters are warm and short. However, has been rising in the last few years. The weather can bring short and capricious rainfall as is common. Most of the rainfall appears in the December to March… The weather between December and March remains warm and is treated to be the most convenient climatic.

If you live in Dubai for a year cycle, you can definitely recognize a pattern of weather changes. In August, classify as “impossibly hot” in Oct and Nov, then on to ” frosty” of Dec, January and February, then warming up again March to May, and June through August. Throughout this twelve month cycle, sandstorms, rain and even snow.
When summer heat gets to a particular point in many countries – surely above 30°C, most of us are recognizable with the circumstance of tar melt. The black, tacky stuff used to bind the roaring goods together begins to liquefy, with awful result for matting in the home, if any of it gets onto the base of shoes. This doesn’t arise on UAE. Must be something to do with the mix used, or a help of latest research and materials, but even at 50°C, there’s little sign of the apprehended tar melt.
But something else takes place at much lower temperatures – commonly the mid 20s identify with winter and the winter rain flood. The water seems to clemency a thin, oily film onto the outer of the road, which makes it lethal when mixed with speed, if brakes are abruptly applied.
Dubai enjoys an arid semitropical climate, with blue clear skies and bright sunshine all year round. The humid months are between June and September, when heat can soar to 113°F and more during the day and evaporation levels are very up. Even the sea temperature touches on 104°F during the summer, and swimming pools at hotels are commonly cooled to be refreshing. Temperatures are only lightly more balanced the rest of the year, the frosty time being between December and March with heat between 57°F and 77°F. There is very insufficient rainfall in Dubai, but when showers do fall it is primarily in the cooler months.
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