Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Night Clubs in Dubai

Winner of last year’s Best Club award is People by Crystal: its decadent explosion of glamour and extravagance situated at the top of Raffles pyramid, the amazing lights shows, sprouting confetti, heavy beats and awesome views ensure this place is always full almost everyday  

There’s simply nowhere else like it, down a jetty one km out to sea, offers all the environment of the ocean and the good views of the Burj Al Arab in town. But it’s the unbelievable house nights by Audio Tonic, who swagger some of the best resident DJs in town, this is why we can count this as a club not just a bar.
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It is located in the base of the Burj Khalifa, and few more intimidating places to house a club in the world than old Giorgio’s stigmatize nightclub. This high-rolling place lives up to both the name and location. 
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Self-consciously glamour’s Persian-themed bar-club Boudoir hosts a chic, fashionable crowd –and the necessary lively theatrics to contain them.
Chi the Lodge
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The unique big one, although Dubai’s ongoing shift towards the Marina, Chi is running hard to weather the storm, introducing healthy club nights and some bursting gigs over the past twelve months. Don’t forget the dinosaur; it still packs a robust roar.
Nasimi Beach
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An experience absolutely unique to Dubai is partying on an unreal beach seven km out to sea, looking back at the glazed skyline. It has worked its way into Dubai’s apprehension as a must-do, and is fairly comfortable and beat rhythmically on weeknights as a pounding club at weekends.
Rock Bottom Cafe
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 It is located in the old Bur Dubai, but Dubai’s shift southwards have seen the limelight thrust onto the baby Rocky B’s in Tecom. It’s bigger, brighter and smarter, but the breezy, no-holds-barred ethos of the original has not been lost. For a conceit-free night, hitting Rock Bottom is still the ultimate no-brainer.
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Hosting incredible international DJs, this is one of the good places to hear latest music in Dubai. Boasting two rooms, a unique garden, and a prime location, Trilogy is a genuine nightclub that means serious business, and no one who is yet to visit can claim to be a genuine music fan.
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