Friday, 14 October 2016

10 Million Bulbs To Be Replaced By The Dubai Lamp

The officials of Dubai on 5th October 2016 revealed that the world’s energy efficient, also available commercially LED lamp is launched and named after Dubai.
Around 10 million conventional lamps of the buildings is going to be replaced with the Dubai Lamp by 2021 which would mean that 90% of the energy used for lighting and 6,40,000 tons of carbon emission will be reduced by then, according to the plan of emirates.

This Lamp was revealed at the ongoing (Wetex, 2016) Water, Energy, Technology and Environment Exhibition on 5th October. It is the initiative jointly taken by the Philips Lighting and Dubai Municipality and is a family of 8 LED lamps. The Director-General of Dubai Municipality Hussain Nasser Lootah and President of Philips Lighting Paolo Cervini disclosed the product.
According to the officials, it is a result of a research partnership among two organization resulted in the developing of world’s 1st commercially available LED lamp with the ability to produce 200 lumen per watt.
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The households and enterprises reduce the energy consumed to about 90% by replacing the conventional bulbs to Dubai Lamp. It is also quite durable apart from high light and energy efficiency having an average lifespan of 15 times long than that of conventional lamps.
The Dubai Lamp is available in multiple shapes and colors and before the end of the year, 4 versions including cool daylight and warm white color will also available.
Through these versions, the Dubai Lamp will replace 80% of normal lamps used in homes of Dubai. Dubai Municipality and Philips Lighting are getting braced for the supply of 2 million Lamps for residential and commercial use over the city in the coming next year. This can be raised to 10 million lamps by 2021, according to the officials.
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This would result into minimization of almost 640,000 tons of carbon emission. The idea is to save the usage of 1000 gig watt per year. The lamps will be more costly than the ones already in the market. But the energy efficiency, performance, and long durability will provide consumers better deal and benefits.
The Dubai Lamp Initiative focuses on to raise awareness of public for the need for energy saving and also for elimination of carbon emissions. This also supports the Dubai Integrated Energy Strategy which aims a 30 per cent minimization in energy consumption by 2030 and the Dubai Carbon Abatement Strategy targets reducing carbon emissions by 16 per cent by the year 2021.
The CEO of Philips Lighting says that this objective and result-driven partnership with Dubai Municipality is a top instance of how a public-private partnership organization can deliver innovation which is practical and cost-effective both for consumer and professional markets while fighting with the issue of climate change.
Bright facts-
  • The Dubai Lamp is a cluster of 8 LED lamps
  • Can replace conventional lamps in cool daylight and also in warm white colors
  • 3W MR16 Spot to replace 50W halogen spot
  • 1W Candle Lamp can replace 25W conventional lamp
  • 2W Bulb to replace 40W incandescent lamp
  • 3W Bulb to replace 60W incandescent lamp
  • The lifespan of a Dubai Lamp is 15 years based on usage of 1,000 hours per year

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