Friday, 14 October 2016

Private Jet Business Flourishes in Dubai

Private Jet Charter, which is independent, its Brokers and Consultants are providing access to over 50,000 aircraft’s. It is said that the aviation business privately is experiencing development and high amount of increase in UAE in general and Dubai in particular which has driven by a multiple number of factors.

The factors favorable include hasty recovery of economics capped with unrest in some parts of the region, thereby generating higher demand for the chartered flights back and forth from UAE.
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Dubai is well positioned to experience a rise in visitors and private jet business because of the disturbances created in other parts of the region according to the chief executive and founder of Private Jet Charter, Hugh Courtenay. He added that the growth in other parts of the Middle East has outdone by the strong performance of the private jet business in Dubai because of the Emirate’s incorporation as a holiday destination.
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The ambiguity and uncertainty in some parts of the country of Middle East has spurred the tourists to cancel their bookings of travel to these destinations which attracted more than 25 million visitors previous year.
Dubai can cover around 5 million of these 25 million tourists that can automatically boost the private jet business, according to Courtenay. Most of their clients are high net worth individuals with well off families that look Dubai as a preferable destination, especially when considering the ambiguity in some parts of the regions.
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Well off holiday makers look forward for the convenience and time savings in the jet services. The bookings from UAE’s wealthy business people and CEO’s and clients involving royal families have emerged as a choice destination for spending the summer vacations.
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